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Top Ten Signs of a Layoff
If you stay alert at work you should be able to sense when a layoff is on the way. Here are 10 signs that your company and job might be in trouble.
  1. A hiring freeze is implemented.

  2. Salary increases, performance reviews, training sessions and promotions are deferred.

  3. Rules regarding travel, especially "non-essential" travel, are made more restrictive.

  4. Corporate earnings have been flat or declining.

  5. The expense reimbursement process requires more approvals and oversight.

  6. The whole HR department is burning the midnight oil.

  7. Top brass is spending an inordinate amount of time in closed-door meetings.

  8. Key executives (and their assistants) are making a lot of confidential phone calls.

  9. A merger has recently taken place resulting in duplication of positions.

  10. The rumor mill is in overdrive.

If any of these look familiar, you better start preparing yourself and your co-workers for a layoff.
Excerpted from The Layoff Survival Guide: Practical Strategies for Managing the Transition from Pink-Slip to Paycheck by Nancy Collamer. The full 70-page e-book is available for download at www.layoffsurvivalguide.com. Copyright Collamer Career Consulting, 2002.
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